Amazon App UI Re-Design

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce store in the world. Amazon has over 103m prime members just in USA itself & has a total of 119,928,851 products as of April 2019 (Scrapehero, 2019). Amazon has over 2.5m+ sellers and brand trust of 89%.

Existing UI

33% of Amazon shopper prefer to shop from mobile devices.

3 Problems with Exisiting UI :
1. Outdated UI
2. Not thumb-friendly user experience
3. Too much unnecessary information.

Re-Designed UI

This UI has been made keeping in mind the thumb design principle as most of the devices are now more than 5.5inch it is not possible for a user to access whole screen from just thumb. I will discuss about it later.

What is the key feature of this UI?

This UI has a bottom nav bar which makes it very convenient to access the information we need. I conducted a test on 7 person and it was found out that 6/7 of them mostly checks on the current offer, homepage, cart and their order delivery time. Other information can be accessed with a slide of the finger from the right side.

Prime Button - The Solution

Amazon Prime subscription provides variety of other amazon services. The 2 main services are Prime Video & Prime Music.
With more than 156million prime subscribers in the world it is a must to give a key focus on the prime other subscription and make it easy to access with a single tap.

This UI has a prime button in the middle of navbar to focus on the prime subscription and its services. Amazon have a userbase of 220m non-prime member. This button can put a emphasize on the user about the prime services and it will help Amazon grow more with little tweak in its UX.