About Me

This section is going to be all about me. So, stick to your seat and make yourself comfortable, because, this is going to be a bit long.

So, as you can guess from the blog name, my name is Sharad, Sharad Verma to be formal.

You can define me as an introvert, don’t like to be around people. My own company accompanies me way better than others do. I’m in 12th (was! Just gave my exams) and I am a commerce student. I am a blogger (obviously) and it’s been 3 years since I started. I am Web Design learner and have a few more hobbies that I’ll share with you. I love to care about people who do the same with me. I’m from a small town Daltonganj. I love traveling and that’s one of my various hobbies (mark it). I have traveled to many places in India including (Mumbai, Jammu, Puri, Goa, Delhi, Lucknow and many more). I love creating memories. Chocolates are love and my best friend is Deepass Sharma (XD).

I created this blog to share my memories and my daily life stories and problems as there is no one in my real life I can share these with. I have a couple of online friends that I would love to meet. Started as Facebook friends, they are now better than my in-real-life friends.

I hope you and I will have the same relation that I have with my friends. Do you?